CEX.IO - Scammers

Dear customers,

We are writing this page to inform that we have been scammed by CEX.IO and removed BTC payments processed by this exange.
In its place; we installed a new Coinbase plugin to continue accepting BTC and altcoins payments.

This will not affect customers as we will absorb all losses caused by this malicious exange.

We also want to prevent more people to get scammed by them.
For start, they low volume and high fees started giving problems to our operations.
So we started withdrawing all money from this exange using the little withdraw limit they have at $10.000 USD.
After 3 month getting funds out, they just blocked our account saying that it was an AML/KYC procedure;
 we provide all company information and documents, but they only said info is on review by its team
More than 3 months passed and still saying the same.

Here we publish all digitally signed emails we had with the scammers.
Hope everybody stop using this exange to prevent their funds get stolen.